Product Liability Lawyers in Mount Prospect, Carol Stream, and Rock Island

When any manufacturer or retailer puts their bottom line before consumer safety and well-being, products can become a health hazard and cause serious injuries as a result.  For example, potentially dangerous products such as a poorly engineered appliance or faulty infant toys and equipment are the cause of thousands catastrophic, disabling, and otherwise serious injuries every year.  Consequently, many clients turn to the personal injury lawyers of the Makarone Law Firm legal firm for representation in a personal injury lawsuit.

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The Need for Product Liability Laws

Product Liability laws arose out of a need to protect the consumer from suffering harm at the hands of manufacturers and retailers.  Because of this, companies are legally and ethically obligated to ensure that people who use their products will not be harmed in the process.  Accidents and injuries result because companies cut corners, ignore key safety issues, and rush their products to the retail market, before they are deemed as being safe for the consumer. And that is why a lot of product related injuries happen.

Because of product liability laws, product designers, manufacturers, and retailers will be held liable for consumer injuries that result from using their product.  In addition to this, they will be held responsible for paying compensatory damages to aid the victim and his or her family in recovering emotionally, financially, and physical.  At the Makarone Law Firm legal firm, our personal injury lawyers are committed to seeing that victims of defective product accidents get the compensation they deserve. Over years, we have helped innumerable accident victims win compensation running in millions of dollars.

The 3 Types of Product Defects

In any product liability case, the plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer will be looking for one or a combination of the following types of defects in order to prove negligence:

  • Design defects – the way in which a product was designed makes it dangerous to use and could therefore cause serious harm to the user.
  • Manufacturing defects – some products may be defective because of manufacturing defects or errors.
  • Marketing defects – this defect occurs when the instructions or safety warnings as well as the packaging of the product are insufficient and could lead to injuries.

If you suffered injury when using a defective product or you’ve recently lost a loved one to a defective product injury, you may have a valid personal injury claim.  Additionally, you could be entitled to compensation for damages as well as your pain and suffering.  For information about filing a product liability lawsuit or to schedule a FREE evaluation consultation, call the Makarone Law Firm personal injury lawyers today. Our lawyers will be available to assist you and help you tide over the legalities of the case.