Orthopedic Injury Lawyers in Mount Prospect, Carol Stream, and Rock Island

You might think that an orthopedic injury is easy to repair or a quick fix for lack of better words.  Truth be known, these injuries can continue causing problems for the rest of your life.  Getting compensated fairly so you can maintain the best possible quality of life often gets denied by insurance companies who don’t factor these elements into the equation.  They refuse payment of damages because they only have the best interests of their company in mind – not yours!

If you or one of your loved ones suffered an orthopedic injury in a motor vehicle or slip and fall accident, or you suffered your injury playing sports, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries as well as your pain and suffering.  The personal injury lawyers at the Makarone Law Firm legal firm can explain your legal options and ensure that your rights to compensation are protected throughout the legal process.  We have extensive experience and expertise, and a successful track record in orthopedic injury cases. Our team of lawyers has helped thousands of accident victims win hundred of thousands of dollars in compensation over the years.

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Understanding Orthopedic Injuries

The primary body components that are affected by orthopedic injuries are the bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and tendons, or as medical professionals would call it, the musculoskeletal system.  When these areas are injured, the consequences can range from minor with a quick recovery period, or they can result in a lifetime of chronic pain and ongoing medical treatment.  As your personal injury lawyers, your Makarone Law Firm legal team can access our medical experts’ network to support your personal injury claim.

So, what exactly is an orthopedic injury? Damage to the musculoskeletal system can vary significantly from a minor strain to a degenerative joint condition.  Orthopedic injuries typically result from some type of accident or trauma to the musculoskeletal system.  When it comes to personal injury claims involving orthopedic injuries, your compensation will depend partially on the type of injury, you’ve sustained as well as the nature and extent of it. That is why it is essential to discuss your case with one of our lawyers so that you get a professional advice on the claim.

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Regardless of what caused your injuries, our personal injury lawyers are here to help you put the pieces of your life back together.  Whether you need help navigating the legal process or want to file a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent party, we are always prepared to act. For more information about your legal options or to schedule a FREE evaluation appointment with a personal injury lawyer, call the Makarone Law Firm legal firm at your earliest convenience. We’d be glad to be of assistance.