Issues That Help Determine Fault In Parking Lot Accident

While a parking lot accident seldom causes any driver or passenger to suffer a serious injury, it still aids the creation of challenging issues. Frequently, such an incident raises questions, regarding the issue of which party should be named as the one at-fault.

Features of a larger parking lot

• It has lanes between the parked vehicles.
• There are through lanes around the perimeter of the lot.
• Vehicles in the through lanes have the right-of-way, unless the driver in such a lane is expected to obey a STOP or YIELD sign.
• A small parking lot might not have an obvious through lane, so it becomes less clear which drivers have the right-of-way.

A situation that tends to get repeated within a parking lot

This is the situation: 2 drivers decide to back up their vehicles, and make that decision at the same time. Consequently, the same 2 vehicles collide. If one of the 2 drivers has begun the backing procedure before the second one, then the second driver is supposed to wait, before proceeding with the planned backing action. Of course, someone sitting behind a vehicle’s steering wheel has to look in all directions before backing, and cannot look everywhere at the same time.

If it is not clear which driver started first, neither of the involved parties should assume that he or she is at fault. Hence, neither of them should admit to being at fault. That bit of guidance comes from injury lawyers in Rock Island; it is not a rule that was laid down by any insurance company. It is also not highlighted in literature for drivers-in-training.

If both drivers are older adults, then each of them should appreciate their right to make no comments, regarding who is to blame. However, if one of the 2 involved parties happens to be a teenager, the adult could find it easy to assert his or her own belief, regarding who was responsible for the collision.

That unfortunate situation would become even more of a challenge to deal with, if the 2 vehicles had collided in a relatively small parking lot. There, where no one could identify an obvious through lane, it could prove more difficult to determine which of the 2 parties had the right-of-way. By the same token, in a smaller lot there may not be any witnesses.

Action to be taken by those motorists that have become involved in a parking lot accident

Contact your insurance company. It must investigate, and try to determine who caused the collision. It might have to weigh the facts in 2 different stories. Without a doubt, the ages of the drivers will not escape the notice of those that must carry out the investigation.

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