How To Approach The Task of Negotiating With Insurance Company?

With a lawyer’s help, someone that has submitted a personal injury claim should be able to negotiate with the insurance adjuster.

Process used during the negotiations

The attorney-client team sends a demand letter to the insurance company. It should state the strong points in that team’s claim. The adjuster responds to the letter, by pointing out the weaknesses in the submitted claim. At that same time, the adjuster puts forward an initial offer.

The claimant reduces the size of his or her demand, but not to the point where it falls below the amount quoted in the demand letter. The adjuster increases the size of the offer from the insurance company. However, the adjuster’s offer remains below the figure that was mentioned in the demand letter. The adjusted demand and the modified offer keep getting exchanged, until the negotiating parties have agreed on a single figure.

How a claimant can be in the best position during the above process?

Personal injury lawyers in Rock Island advice that claimants should have in their minds the lowest acceptable offer, the one to which they would agree. A claimant should feel free to change that lowest acceptable offer. If an adjuster has exposed a huge weakness in the claimant’s case, then a smart claimant would realize that he or she should reduce that lowest acceptable offer.

On the other hand, if the adjuster’s first offer comes close to the claimant’s lowest acceptable offer, a different change is needed. In that case, a smart claimant would increase the size of his or her lowest acceptable offer.

By working with a lawyer, claimants’ chances for obtaining a fair settlement increase. An attorney would be able to caution a client/claimant against agreeing to the terms of a settlement before having arrived at the point of maximum medical improvement.

If the insurance company were to allege shared fault, or make some other outrageous allegation, the attorney’s presence should make it possible to file a lawsuit. In that way, the negotiating process would not remain stalled for a great amount of time. By the same token, the attorney could use that opportunity to highlight an issue that had been overlooked earlier. Maybe the claimant had failed to mention the medical problems that had arisen, with respect to a younger passenger, perhaps a child. That would give the attorney an excuse for requesting an extension of the deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit.

That might allow time for the gradual emergence of a new symptom, or a complication. Armed with the information on that new problem, the attorney would have a stronger case. Hence the claimant’s chances for enjoying a fair settlement would increase. That increase would certainly count as a definite benefit.

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