How Disputing Fault Can Affect Insurance Company’s Response To A Claim?

Anyone that has become the target of an insurance company’s allegations of fault has the right to dispute those same allegations.

How should the dispute be presented?

The presentation should not be delayed. It should be carried out as soon as possible. The insurance company could receive a phone call, one that offered details about the dispute. Alternately, the disputing party could send a letter to the insurance adjuster.

Actions that might be used to underscore the lack of veracity in the disputed allegations

A motorist that had received a ticket would need to fight that same ticket. The same motorist should give thought to speaking with the officer that wrote up the ticket. Work towards having the police report changed.

Have mention of the disagreement added to the record that is kept by the insurance company. Insurance companies make note of the fact that a given claimant has initiated a disagreement in the past.

What actions should a motorist take at the scene of an accident, in order to strengthen any possible dispute in the future?

• Get the names of any witnesses
• Take pictures
• Allow inspection of the damaged vehicle
• Ask for an officer to come to the scene of the accident
• Seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Who might have grounds for a dispute?

An insurance company might try disputing the claim made by a policyholder. It might have received a series of such claims, and has reason to be suspicious about the newest one.

A defendant might dispute the allegations made by a claimant. The defendant’s insurance company might backup the policyholder’s challenge to the claimant’s allegations. That backup/support could come after an adjuster had examined the nature of the damage to the policyholder’s vehicle.

In the past, some insurance companies have tried disputing the allegations in a first party claim. That was an attempt to reduce the amount of compensation that the insurance company would have to pay the policyholder/claimant.

How a disputing party might choose to deal with any challenges?

Few claimants or policyholders would have acquired any experience, with respect to the suggested actions, following a dispute’s emergence, during the quest for a personal injury claim. For that reason, the same claimants and policyholders ought to give serious thought to retention of a personal injury lawyer in Carol Stream.

Of course, depending on the nature of the dispute, a consulted attorney might not want to take on the proposed case. In that instance, the perspective client would have the option of consulting with a different lawyer. Still, if 2 or more lawyers were to refuse to handle the proposed case, then the potential client should realize that it might be best to go along with the present decision.