How Can A Claimant Benefit From Understanding The Role of The Insurance Adjuster?

Contrary to the feeling of many claimants, someone that has submitted a personal injury claim enjoys certain advantages over the insurance adjuster.

Every insurance adjuster has a boss, a supervisor.

Those supervisors expect their adjusters to settle each claim for an amount that represents the smallest possible payout. By the same token, adjusters get credit for settling a given claim quickly. Most of the claimants that learn the worth of their claim get the most cooperation from their adjuster.

What advantages do claimants enjoy?

Each claimant knows more about what happened at the time of a given accident than the adjuster that has been assigned the same claimant’s case. The claimant’s advantage is real. It is not like airs displayed by adjusters, in an effort to suggest that each of them has some special medical or legal training.

The adjuster lacks all the time and resources that help to guarantee a careful investigation of any given case. Claimants or their representing Personal Injury Lawyers in Mount Prospect can organize their collected papers. In addition, each of them has the ability to study the process that gets used during the pursuit of a personal injury claim. The adjuster’s only advantage concerns his or her knowledge of that same process.

Claimants’ understanding of the process used for compensating the victim of a personal injury can be improved. On the other hand, adjusters do not have a decent means for gaining a deeper insight into what took place on the day of a given claimant’s accident.

Claimants’ understanding of their injuries could well be greater than that of the adjuster. Indeed, a claimant’s pre-existing condition should certainly be familiar to the patient/claimant. Yet it might be a condition about which the adjuster knows very little. Backed by an understanding of any pre-existing condition, a patient/claimant could enjoy a special benefit. He or she should be able to tell when any adjusters try to fake an understanding of the claimant’s condition. Yet not all claimants take advantage of that benefit.

Claimants’ chances for obtaining a fair compensation increase, when their lawyers get alerted to any fake claims that have been made by the representatives from the insurance company. Of course, lawyers need to respect the extent to which a patient has the ability to learn about his or her condition.

Lawyers have reason to ask their clients to keep a journal or a diary. By the same token, lawyers’ clients have a right to ask their hired attorney to give serious consideration to the information being shared about a given claimant’s pre-existing condition. In other words, the adjuster and the claimant ought to work together as a team. In that way both the lawyer’s and the claimant’s benefits manage to get markedly strengthened.

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