Factors That Relate To Motorcycle Accidents

There are 3 major factors that get considered, following the occurrence of a motorcycle accident. They are risk, liability and defect.

Details on the risk factor

The fact that any motorcycle is much smaller than any four-wheeled motor vehicle causes the person riding that 2-wheeled vehicle to be at-risk.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Carol Stream are aware that unless a motorcycle rider has chosen to wear some bold color, in a jacket or a vest, motorists are apt to have trouble spotting that individual on the very small 2-wheeled vehicle.

The force created if a motorcycle’s tire were to hit an object on the road would have a larger effect on the object above that same tire, than the effect produced by the same force on any of the larger, 4-wheeled vehicles.

Finally, the rider’s position on the cycle’s seat should not be viewed as one that is stable. A long list of factors, including objects on the road, could destabilize the seated rider, and cause him or her to lose the level of balance on which skilled riders depend.

Details on the liability factor

Who was more negligent, the person on the motorcycle or the one in the car or truck?

Had the driver been sufficiently careful?

Had the rider been negligent? Negligent motorcycle riders do things like using alcohol or drugs before getting onto the cycle, or lane splitting, while riding in a group.

Had someone else been negligent? The answer to that question would shed some light on the issue of defects, and the way that a defect could factor into a decision in a case where a motorcyclist had been injured.

How a defect might play a role in a motorcycle accident?

A defective helmet would deprive a rider from a most vital form of protection. Indeed, a defense lawyer might argue that a defective helmet had caused a head or neck injury in someone that had been wearing the required headgear, while seated on the motorcycle’s seat.

Other gear is meant to reduce the harmful effect of a fall, while riding a motorcycle. Defective gloves might allow the hands to hold the handlebars in a less-secure fashion. Defective pants might allow the rider’s legs to suffer a bad scrape, as a result of a given fall. A defective jacket might allow for an injury to one of the rider’s arms.

There might also be a defect in the road. Maybe the engineer did not design a certain curve with the needs of motorcyclists in mind. In that case, the pressures created during a fast turn might cause a motorcyclist to become unbalanced. As mentioned above, an accident would almost certainly happen, if the person seated on a motorcycle’s seat were to become unbalanced.

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